2 Warwick officers receive Life Saving awards

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Two police officers in Warwick were given “Life Saving” awards Tuesday night.

Officer Gilda Fortier was honored for her efforts in saving a man’s life last month when she performed CPR on him before paramedics arrived.

“I responded to an unresponsive male that was found in the basement. At that time, I could not feel a pulse or any signs of life. I then administered CPR and after a minute the subject came to and completed CPR until the rescue arrived,” Fortier explained. “I feel like it’s part of our job. These are probably the best moments of our career is when we can help people..

Officer Britton Kelly was also honored for risking his own life to save a suicidal woman, when he distracted her by tasing her, to separate the woman from the knives that were within her reach.

On being recognized, Kelly said, “I can’t say how much I appreciate it. I love my job, it’s great being a police officer. So, I was glad I was able to save someone.”

Officer Yervant Parnagian was also recognized as he retires after 26 years of service to the department.

Several other officers were promoted during Tuesday night’s ceremony.

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