In-flight magazine features Providence

Photo by Andrew Adamson

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Seat backs in their upright and locked positions are now in a position to show off Rhode Island’s capital city.

Spirit Magazine, the inflight magazine of Southwest Airlines, is featuring the city of Providence prominently in its latest issue. The magazine is now in the seat back pockets in front of every passenger on Southwest and AirTran, which was purchased by Southwest and is now being folded into the larger airline.

Providence-Warwick Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Martha Sheridan says the publisher of Spirit contacted them about featuring Providence and Warwick attractions in the on-board publication. “I think they did a great job of displaying a really nice cross-section of all that Providence has to offer.”

And just in time, too: “I thought that May would be a good time, in advance of our busy summer season, to lure more visitors to the area over the summer months,” Sheridan said.

Pictures of some of Providence’s most popular destinations appear, like the RISD Museum, The Dorrance,and dessert restaurant Pastiche.

Amy Foster, the general manager of Pastiche, is sweet on the idea too, of course. An article might lead to word of mouth, and these days word of mouth goes hand in hand with social media. “Perhaps somebody flying might see [the article] — and post something on, ‘Checking out Pastiche and having dessert on Federal Hill,'” said Foster.

About 445,000 copies of the May issue have been printed; and more people than that could potentially see the article.

The hope is that these visitors will have a positive impact on the local economy: “Beyond the direct dollars that they pour into our community, they’re also responsible for generating a significant amount of tax revenue for the state of Rhode Island.”

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