Festival Ballet presents Peter Pan

The classic tale of Peter Pan comes to life with the Festival Ballet Providence.

Two of the show’s stars – Kirsten Evans, who plays Wendy, and Emily Bromberg, who plays Tinkerbell – stopped by “The Rhode Show” on Thursday morning to chat about the performances, being held at The Vets May 16, 17, and 18.

Festival’s presentation of the classic story is New England’s premiere of this ballet adaptation.

The show involves complex flying sequences with flips and tricks high above the stage. Production company “Flying by Foy” is overseeing and executing flying sequences.

Music chosen for the ballet was all English composers who were writing music around the time that J. M. Barrie was writing the story of Peter Pan.

This ballet has broad appeal for many different ages and interests, and includes:

  • Intense swordfighting
  • Swashbuckling pirates
  • Beautiful fairies
  • Flying + acrobatics
  • Love and romance
  • A beautiful and lively score (composers include Benjamin Britten and Edward

Click here for ticket information.

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