Reduce your power bill by hundreds of dollars

Across the country, heating and power bills are continuing to rise, but there are some easy ways to save money.

According to Problem Solver Susan Hogan, in your home, savings start at the top. The biggest bang for your buck is insulation. Proper insulation can make a big difference because the cost to heat and cool a home makes up more than 50% of energy use.

Programmable thermostats are also a great way to manage the temperature in your home. Susan recommends setting the temperature to 68 degrees when its cold outside and 78 degrees when it’s hot.

Ways to save money around the house:


  • If you have an older cable box, as your provider for the newest one


  • You can save thousands of gallons of hot water by putting dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher


  • Use less water by giving your kids a five minute cap on shower time


  • Cleaning the bottom makes it more energy efficient

Following these tips could save the average home owner hundreds of dollars every year.

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