Safety key for prom season

(WPRI photo)

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Prom season has arrived, and for countless students their attention has turned to their outfits and dates. However, for their parents and school leaders, safety is a top concern.

“We always worry about drinking and driving,” Central High School principal Julia Carlson told Eyewitness News. “Students at this age don’t always make the best decisions.”

Carlson says the school has been preparing student with safety tips, and ways to prevent drunk driving on prom night, including meetings with the senior and junior classes.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving always has prom nights marked on their calendars.

“Like me, and like people in our organization, we begin to have sleepless nights,” Gabrielle Abbate of M.A.D.D. said. “I’ll be waiting desperately in the hopes tomorrow that everyone got home safely.”

M.A.D.D. says 226 children were killed in drunk driving accidents in 2011.


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