Brewery 401 becomes third brewery to open in Pawtucket in recent years

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) – A new brewery is open for business in Pawtucket, joining a growing list of breweries setting up shop in Rhode Island.

Brewery 401, named after Rhode Island’s only area code, opened on Mineral Spring Avenue earlier this month, becoming the smallest brewery in the smallest state, and the third to open in Pawtucket in recent years; following the Bucket Brewery on Pawtucket Avenue and Foolproof Brewing on Grotto Avenue.

“The craft brewing industry is so far from saturated in the state of Rhode Island,” said Nichole Pelletier, co-owner of Brewery 401. “There’s more than enough room for people to come in.”

Pelletier says she and fellow Brewery 401 co-owner Jason Lourenco chose Pawtucket as their base of operations partly because of the city’s welcoming atmosphere.

Brewery 401 took over the same spot Bucket Brewery once occupied, but outgrew. Now that the Bucket and Foolproof have gained success, Pelletier hopes her brewery will follow.

“We would love nothing more than to be at their scale in the not too distant future,” said Pelletier.

Saturday will be Brewery 401’s first brewing session. Pelletier says she hopes to see her beer in area bars and restaurants in early summer.

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