New bracelets, hair clips double as safety devices

(WPRI) – Many companies are now creating gadgets that will sound the alarm if you find yourself in trouble, and even record sound and video to use as evidence later.

Some women, like Archel Frederick, wear bracelets that are both stylish and double as a safety device.

“You press your cuff and an alert goes out to the people you designate as your first responders in our app and they get your location in case of emergency,” said ‘Cuff’ founder Deepa Sood.

A second device that women can wear as a hair clip contains sensors designed to automatically detect physical assault and send for help.

“The Smart Clip will know the difference between impacts associated with violent crimes and impacts from every day usage,” explained Rachel Emanuele of First Sign Technologies.

The Smart Clip also can collect data that can help in a criminal investigation, by activating your phone’s GPS camera and microphone. Right now, this wearable technology is so new that it’s unclear on whether they’ll catch on.

The cuff jewelry packages range from $35 to $100 while the hair clip will cost around $75 with an optional monthly monitoring fee.

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