Fung releases first attack ad in gubernatorial race

Republican gubernatorial candidates Ken Block and Allan Fung

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The first negative campaign ad in the race for Rhode Island governor has been released with about three months left before the primary election.

Republican candidate Allan Fung released an ad this weekend attacking his opponent, Ken Block.

“Don’t be a blockhead. Say no to Ken Block,” the ad quips.

The ad makes four claims – that Block voted for Pres. Obama twice, supports Obamacare, supports billions of dollars in extra government spending, and was an adviser to Gov. Chafee. Block said only the first statement is true.

“I’ve hammered Obamacare, I was never an adviser to Governor Chafee,” he retorted. “The last issue where I support billions of dollars in spending, I don’t know even where that comes from.”

Fung’s campaign spokesperson, Rob Coupe, defends the ad, saying everything in it is “factually accurate.”

“He’s claiming to be someone he’s not,” Coupe added.

Eyewitness News Political Analyst Joe Fleming feels as though Block will come back and attack Fung soon, but Block said his campaign “won’t stoop to that level.”

Voters gave the ad mixed reviews. Some supporters of Fung like it and even some Block supporters approve, while others said the name-calling needs to stop altogether.

Eyewitness News and The Providence Journal have once again teamed up for an exclusive Campaign 2014 poll. Hear the first results Tuesday starting on Eyewitness News at 5 on WPRI 12.

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