New fire dog named after young boy fighting cancer

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Providence has added a new arson-sniffing dog to its fire department, and he’s named after a boy well-known to first responders.

Eighteen-month-old Tyler is in his third week on the job after being trained to sniff out signs of arson at fire scenes.

When arson investigator Sean Reddy got the new K-9 he decided to name him after Tyler Seddon, the boy whose battle with leukemia made national headlines.

Reddy said the dog is key in being able to investigate fires.

“He increases the probability of getting a sample that when we send to the lab it will identify as a positive as an accelerant,” he explained.

Naming the valuable dog after Tyler Seddon just made sense to Reddy. He, like so many other first responders, was touched by Tyler’s fight.

Seddon said he wants to be a police officer or a firefighter when he grows up, so his mother put a post online seeking cards from first responders for his 7th birthday. What started as a humble request resulted in a colossal celebration featuring hundreds of firefighters and police officers from around the country in which the young boy was given his own uniform and named honorary police chief for the day.

Seddon is currently undergoing a bone marrow transplant, and once he recovers the two Tylers will be able to meet for the first time.

“[His] mom and I have been emailing and texting,” Reddy added. “We’re looking forward to doing that.”

Tyler’s mom said he’s expected to stay in the hospital until the middle of next month for post-operative recovery.

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