Perfect floral arrangements for your big day

When it comes to planning your wedding, Golden Gate Studios in Cranston is your one stop shop for all your floral needs.

Golden Gate Studios can provide various services for many events. However, floral arrangements and current trends are their specialty. Co-owner, Jay Lane stresses that whatever your vision may be from around the world, Golden Gate can make that a reality.

“If it’s available anywhere right now we can get it in 24 hours usually,” said Lane.

Not only can they get you whatever you want, Golden Gate also stays knowledgeable on the current trends. Today those trends might surprise you. The bright raspberry colors Lane has seen in the past are taking a back seat to today’s popular style.

“It’s almost the absence of color, now everything’s soft, it’s like champagnes, taupes, very neutral colors,” said Lane.

Lane suggests that first the couple should lock in their venue and their ceremony and then they can take their time and choose the vendors.

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