Salon service: Colors, cuts, and everything in between

When it comes to looking and feeling better than ever on your special day, look no further than Calma Salon in Cranston.

This salon has services that cater to all of your bridal needs.They offer the full experience, starting with a facial that will have your skin feeling absolutely perfect.

“You definitely want to come in and see Denise. She does a jammin’ facial for you. She caters it exactly to your skincare needs,” said Ashley O’Donnell, master colorist and stylist at Calma Salon.

It is recommended that brides-to-be start a facial routine about three months before the wedding day, to assure that the skin is completely prepped and flawless.

The same goes for hair, and if you are considering making any big changes, it is recommended you get some salon suggestions first.

“If you decide you want to change your color or if there’s a style in mind that you have for your hair that day, you definitely want to come in and have us critique it,” said Ashley.

A great way to make an event out of a salon day is by having the salon take care of the entire bridal party.

“You come in, we take care of you guys start to finish, we set up mimosas, a little display of food, it’s great, it’s a great day,” said Ashley.

The salon also has unique services like eyelash extensions and spray tans. And guys, don’t worry because the salon also has you covered.

“Typically a man would also like to start about three months before their wedding day. That way you can decide if they’re due for a change,” said Ashley.

When it comes to looking and feeling great, the experts at Calma Salon will have you transformed and ready for your special day in no time.

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