Coffee Wipes: Solution for wedding day stains

When brides and grooms plan to dress up and look their best on the big day, the last thing they may consider is the mess of an accidental stain.

Larry Fish, owner of Pier Cleaners, stopped by The Rhode Show to share some information about a product called Coffee Wipes.

It is considered a must-have item for brides’ emergency kits. It is also great for anyone that works with brides like photographers for engagement photos, wedding photos, wedding gown stores, etc.

Pier Cleaners recently sold 30,000 Coffee Wipes to the association of wedding gown specialists. As he explained in the segment, Coffee Wipes™are an all-natural way of eliminating coffee and other food stains on clothing, carpet, upholstery, and all hard surfaces. They are organic and biodegradable. The enzyme formula is non-toxic and contains no harsh chemicals. Each coffee wipe is in an individual foil pouch to take anywhere… purse, brief case, car, truck, pockets, or drawer.

Larry demonstrated how they work with coffee on fabric and blood on fabric. Watch the attached video to see how the clean-up worked.

Coffee Wipes can treat the following stains:

• Lipstick
• Marinara Sauce
• Chocolate
• Ketchup
• Wine

Learn more about Coffee Wipes online.

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