Contractor accused of stealing, pawning Pats player’s ring

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) – A Fall River man is accused of stealing and pawning an expensive ring from the home of a New England Patriots player.

According to a police report, Manuel Faria was working on Patriots Left Tackle Nate Solder’s home in Foxboro when Solder and his girlfriend left their home for the day.

Faria and the project’s foreman were inside working, but the foreman told police Faria could not be found for an hour. When he returned, the foreman said that Faria appeared to be very hesitant and nervous.

The police report stated that when Solder and his girlfriend got back home, they couldn’t find a $10,000 Tiffany diamond ring that was missing from their jewelry box.

Detectives later tracked down the ring at a Fall River pawn shop, where police say the $10,000 ring was pawned for only $150.

Police connected the receipt on the transaction to Faria’s name and charged him with larceny. He’s being held on $1,000 cash bail.

The ring is now back in Solder’s possession, police said.

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