Vital safety tips for summer

(WPRI) – The official start of summer is almost here, the time of year many of us have been waiting for.

As the temperature heats up, there are important steps you can take to keep your family safe over the next few months. Popular outdoor activities could lead to a trip to the emergency room if you’re not careful. Dr. Mark Muetterties from Newport Hospital says some of the more serious injuries he sees are alcohol related. “They can be some of the worst injuries just because it often involves falls.” Says Dr. Muetterties.

Dr. Muetterties says the number one safety concern of summer is sun exposure, he suggests sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher. “The thing that people sort of forget, one application is not going to do it. So if you’re in the water, you need to reapply the sunscreen. You need to put on every hour and a half to two hours.”

Hot weather brings people brings people to the beach where there is a risk for sunburns or even drowning. If you realize you’re caught in a rip current and start drifting away from the shore, it’s important to not panic and swim parallel to the shore and diagonal from the current.

These few tips can help you and your family have a fun, safe summer.

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