Financial programs help to ease nerves

Whether you’re planning for retirement or creating a college fund, there is plenty to consider when it comes to your finances.

However, its important to remember that you are not alone. Barnum Financial offers programs for people to get educated on financial literacy.

“We found that a lot of people just don’t have an understanding of what to do, they don’t have a game plan in place, so they’re very nervous. So we decided to put a workshop in place and it’s really all about learning and understanding how to put a plan together,” said Jake Darsch, financial adviser from Barnum Financial.

The Barnum Financial program is thorough. Those who partake will gain a large amount of information in two to four sessions and will even receive a textbook and brief assignments.

The feedback from the program is positive.

“We see a lot of people come back, especially after they’ve put the retirement or college plan in place, then they take the class again to refresh all the information,” said Darsch.

For more information on Barnum Financial and their programs, visit their website.

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