Parents: Neighbor got our 10-year-old drunk

BURRILLVILLE, R.I. (WPRI) – Police and the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) are investigating after a local couple claimed their neighbor got their 10-year-old daughter and her two friends dangerously drunk.

Chrystal Chamberlain and Jamie Taft told Eyewitness News their daughter and two other 5th grade girls spent the day at neighbor Paul White’s home. Their 10-year-old daughter was told to return home at 9:30 and missed her curfew, which sent the couple searching for her.

The parents claimed they found the three girls inebriated, and that White bought the girls vodka and even poured them shots.

“He walked them to the liquor store, took them inside, and bought them a six pack of Kinky,” said Taft. “He went back to buy them a bottle of Burnett’s Vodka and poured shots of vodka for them.”

All three 10-year-olds were taken to the hospital. Chamberlain confirmed that her daughter was drunk and blew a .084 during a breathalyzer test.

“She was slurring her speech stumbling, she was drunk – completely drunk – it was sick to see,” she said.

White was seen being taken into police custody, but it’s not yet clear what charges he’s facing. DCYF said they were investigating and are taking steps to make sure the children are safe.

When Eyewitness News questioned White about the incident, he initially stated he didn’t know how the girls got the alcohol.

“I would never buy alcohol, of course not,” he said.

Minutes later, after White’s uncle spoke with him, he admitted he bought a lot of alcohol that night and he was drinking heavily.

“I think the girls got into it, I think that’s what happened,” White said. “I would never feed them the alcohol, I think they just got into it.”

White defended his claim that he never poured the girls shots, but told the other parents to “keep a close eye on your children.”

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