CVS Caremark Charity Classic supports the Arthritis Foundation

The CVS Caremark Charity Classic is a great event for golfers with an underlying cause.

The money raised at the tournament will raise millions of dollars to help several area charities including the Arthritis Foundation.

Arthritis is the leading cause in disability in the nation as it makes it hard for people to be physically active. Arthritis is a disease that can cause pain 24/7 and studies claim that one in five adults and more than three thousand children across the country currently live with some form of arthritis.

With the funding assistance from the CVS Caremark Charity Classic, the Arthritis Foundation is able to provide assistance to individuals suffering from this disease as they can award scholarships, host family fun events, camps, and promote the idea of staying active and positive through advocacy programs to individuals suffering from this disease.

Previously, treatment for arthritis was aspirin and bed rest. With the improvements in medicine today, the Arthritis Foundation hopes to continue its research to find a cure for those affected by arthritis.

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