Providence native goes missing in India

(WPRI) — A Rhode Island native working abroad in India went for her routine morning run earlier this week – and never returned.

The parents of Kate Goldstein are more than 6,000 miles away from home, trying to track down their missing daughter.

Kate Goldstein, the 28-year-old Providence native that's gone missing in India. (Courtesy of Adam Goldstein)
Kate Goldstein, the 28-year-old Providence native that’s gone missing in India. (Courtesy of Adam Goldstein)

The Providence native is spending the summer in India installing solar panels in the remote village of Phey. She went jogging by herself sometime around June 15, and hasn’t been heard from since.

Kate’s brother, Adam, fears the worst, but remains hopeful she’ll be found safely.

“She could have gotten kidnapped for all I know. It’s happened in Delhi. There was a gang rape there a few months ago,” he said. “My hope is she just wanted to get off the grid for a while and be by herself, but anything could have happened.”

Kate, 28, was working for an organization called SECMOL – the Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladkah. Her brother told us she’s “really passionate about helping poorer places out.”

Kate got her undergraduate degree at Brown University. During the school year, her brother said she was living in Boston while studying for a PhD at MIT.

Adam also said his sister is a brave person, perhaps – in his words – too brave for her own good.

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