Man accused of watching kids in park while naked

WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WPRI) –  Woonsocket police arrested a man Saturday who’s accused of sitting in tall grass completely naked while watching children play at Cold Spring Park.

An eyewitness said that when the suspect saw him calling police the suspect got dressed and left in a car.

“Sure as day, I know what I saw, they guy was completely naked, and decided at that point when he noticed I saw him he was quick to put on his clothes and head for the exit,” said Gerald Pierdolla, who at the time was walking his dog at the park.

Police located a vehicle matching the eyewitness’s description leaving the area, and took 61-year-old Denis Bessette of Cumberland into custody.

“This is no place to be coming down to be sunbathing or doing whatever you’re doing down here. And being naked. If you want to do that, you should have done that in the privacy of your own home,” Pierdolla added. “I’m not a parent, but for all the other parents, their eyes need to be looking around, because you don’t know who’s lurking in the woods or watching their kids.”

Bessette was charged with disorderly conduct. Woonsocket and Cumberland police said they’ve had no prior dealings with Bessette other than a few minor vehicle stops in Cumberland.

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