Prevent pests in your home

Summer has arrived, which means pests are out in full force and ready to try and welcome themselves into your home. There are many ways to take action and prevent these pests from doing so.

Peggy Siligato from Narragansett Pest Control joined The Rhode Show to help identify ways to avoid and eliminate pests.

The first thing you want to do is inspect the house. If you find areas with large piles of sawdust or holes in wood, as shown in the video, it may be beneficial to call Narragansett Pest Control.

“A lot of times when you inspect your basement or your house, if you find piles of sawdust it can indicate that there is a problem behind the walls,” said Peggy.

Another method of prevention is to inspect the house and make sure the surrounding area is free of debris. It is definitely important to look around and keep an eye out for any red flags.

“Anywhere where wood is gonna contact the ground can attract termites, and termites are native insects.So these can easily get into your house wherever the wood is touching,” explained Peggy.

If you have any suspicions or concerns, go to the Narragansett Pest Control website for more information.

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