Bathing suits to suit all sizes

Now that summer is in full swing, many women are dreading the thought of trying new looks. Jill Marinelli is a personal stylist that is dedicated to finding the perfect bathing suit that will suit all sizes.

“It’s a stressful time, but look, it doesn’t have to be. First of all I recommend, if you can, do all your shopping online, have it sent to your house, try it on at home in the comfort of your own house,” said Jill.

These are the looks that Jill brought to The Rhode Show.

  • Victoria’s Secret bikini mixer: Create your own bikini. Use color and patterns to extenuate your best assets, and draw attention away from the parts you don’t want to show off. Great for woman who have different sizes on top and on bottom.
  • Global print: Huge trend this season and the ‘ethnic print’ is seen everywhere. Awesome look for those who want to rock the bikini. This bikini holds it all together, so it’s great if you are looking to be more active.
  • Rash guard: Pop of color with huge coverage. If you want to play beach volleyball or other beach sports, while covering your tummy, this is the look for you. Can go with board shorts or a bikini bottom.
  • Sexy one-piece: This comfortable black suit is not just your mothers one-piece, this is a sexy open back for those who want tummy and bum coverage, but still showing some skin.
  • Tankini tops: A great choice for people who want to cover the stomach. This pattern is great because it keeps the eyes moving and doesn’t draw attention to the less flattering areas.
  • Cover-ups: This look can be found anywhere, and has great sun and body coverage that you can leave on all day. This is worth spending a little extra money on, because it looks beautiful and much better than a tank top and shorts.
  • One-piece with crochet: Looks like a two piece, with the sheer coverage. The darker colors are much more slimming, which is why this suit looks great in purple. This is a deep V, which also makes it sexy while covering up the tummy area.

For more information or style tips, check out Jill’s website.

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