World champion boxer shows off some moves

Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade, a local professional boxer, joined The Rhode Show to discuss his most recent defeat.

Some of many of his accomplishments include being named the WBO World Champion, two time national champion, back-to-back Golden Glove champion, and also a former Olympian.

When asked about the stress of being the defending champion going into a tough match-up, Demetrius replied that there was no pressure, “I didn’t feel like there was any pressure on me. I went in there as I always go, just calm, relaxed, confident that all the hard work that I put in for this camp, and this fight, will show the world that I am truly one of the greatest fighters that is gonna live when my time is over.”

Demetrius dominated the match. His undefeated status still stands, with an impressive 14 knockouts.

“Any combination can knock anybody out if its on point and accurate,” said Demetrius as he showed host Michaela Johnson some moves.

Keep up with Demetrius and learn more about his career by checking out his website.

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