Police: Haul of stolen items found in neighbor’s car

Providence's 68th academy is currently in it's second month.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – He’s probably not going to make it to the block party.

A 19-year-old Providence man was arrested Monday after police say they found stolen items in a van at his home on Humes Street in the city’s Reservoir Triangle neighborhood. The items were allegedly taken from a house just blocks away.

Gianfranco Rodriguez was charged with receiving stolen goods following a reported break-in, also on Humes Street. The victim told police she left her home for an hour to babysit a neighbor’s child and when she returned, she noticed a loaded rifle, television, two computers and several pieces of jewelry were missing, according to a police report.

Investigators said they saw Rodriguez and several other individuals standing outside of a gray SUV and placing items into a white van. The others fled in the SUV, but Rodriguez was detained. The victim and her father identified their stolen items in the van.

No one else has been charged in the incident.

Dan McGowan ( dmcgowan@wpri.com ) covers politics, education and the city of Providence for WPRI.com. Follow him on Twitter: @danmcgowan

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