TMZ: Kim Kardashian’s video game

For the latest headlines from Hollywood, we were joined Wednesday by Dax Holt from TMZ.

Kim Kardashian stands to make around $85 million from the new video game iPhone app that boasts her namesake, more than she made last year in all of her other ventures combined, TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the deal said Kim’s cut is 45% of net profits. The game — “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” — is set to gross a reported $200 million this year alone.

Seth MacFarlane’s now-famous teddy bear was lifted from a 2008 screenplay about an eerily similar furry creature who had a penchant for booze and prostitutes, so claims the company that is suing Seth.

Bengal Mangle Productions claims it created a screenplay called “Acting School Academy” about a teddy bear named Charlie who lives in a human world. The screenplay became a web series that was a big hit on YouTube, FunnyorDie and others.

The drunken ‘hooligans’ who got arrested after throwing beer bottles at Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion are anything but slackers … they are heroes and brainiacs who could shame anyone in an SAT face-off.

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