Baby anteater on the way at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Roger Williams Park Zoo is getting ready to welcome a new addition to their family – Corndog the giant anteater will soon give birth to a new baby.

Just like every mother-to-be, she has to have regular checkups and ultrasounds.

“She is about 160 days along and she would end up giving birth right around the end of July, beginning of August,” said Dr. Kim Wojick, Associate Veterinarian at the zoo. “August 5 is the target date, but that can give or take a little bit in either direction.”

The doctors get ultrasounds from Corndog on a weekly basis in order to monitor the baby.

At first it was used to diagnose the pregnancy, before they were certain that she was in fact pregnant.

A pregnancy for an anteater lasts about six months.

Watch the above video for our behind-the-scenes look at Roger Williams Park Zoo’s care for Corndog as she prepares to give birth.

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