No bail for suspect in Providence’s 10th homicide

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – A young Providence man, who’s not even old enough to drink, faced the judge at Providence District Court Tuesday morning on a charge of murder.

Justice Andrade, 20, turned himself in less than one day after police released his photo to the media as a possible suspect. Detectives believe Andrade is responsible for shooting and killing 20-year-old Ty-shon Perry on River Avenue around 2 a.m. Saturday.

Police say the other people the victim was with that night may have been the intended targets.

In court, the prosecution laid out the charges against Andrade.

“Your Honor, the allegation is that in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 19, the defendant approached the victim in this matter and shot into his back. He was positively identified by a witness,” a prosecutor told the judge.

According to police, Perry was outside in the neighborhood visiting a cousin when Andrade walked up and fired a shot. The victim, who has a 1-year-old son, was able to get back inside his cousin’s home but later died at the hospital.

Perry’s grandmother told Eyewitness News that her family knows Andrade’s family, but she didn’t know Justice personally.

“I believe that because he took my grandson’s life, he should rot in jail.” Donna Perry said. “They should lock him up forever. You know what I mean? And however the family is feeling, they got to realize how I’m feeling. I’m lost, I lost a grandson, somebody I’m never going to see in life again you know what I mean?”

Police said Perry had no criminal record or connection to area gangs. He had just graduated from New England Technical Institute with an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

“That’s my cousin. He never got into anything, he’s a quiet kid,” said Sharon Robinson. “I have a grandson like just like Ty-shon. And when I heard the news, I dropped the telephone and I started crying because he did not deserve that. They had no business taking his life.”

Andrade is due for a bail hearing on August 5.

Below is a previous report that aired on Eyewitness News this Morning, before Andrade appeared in court:

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