Town considers demolishing problem-plagued police HQ

DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) – The Dartmouth Police Department has been operating out of a series of trailers in the parking lot for months, and it looks like it’ll take a large sum of money to get its headquarters back up and running.

Police headquarters in Dartmouth was forced to close its doors back in March when a legionella outbreak was spotted in the building’s plumbing system. When police first moved their operation out to the parking lots, estimates showed that repairs would cost at least $100,000.

Now, a recently released report from the Dept. of Public Health shows the problem might be even more worse than initially expected.

Photographs show mold growing on the pipes and on the more-than-100-year-old building’s walls. They even show cracked bullet-proof glass, which – according to the report – was caused by the building shifting over its century of use.

The town selectmen have set aside money to repair the building’s plumbing, but the new report has Dartmouth officials considering to scrap the building altogether.

“At some in time, you’re just putting good money after bad,” Town Selectman Shawn McDonald said. “And with that report, the problem is worse than we thought.”

McDonald said the town will likely need to install a temporary tax increase in order to cover the costs of either the repairs, or the construction of a new building.

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