Up With People to perform in RI

Since 1965, Up With People has provided a rewarding experience for young people to give back while also traveling the world. In just a few weeks the tour will be coming to RI.

NiRoPe, Nick, Ron, and Pete Cardi as well as Lorna Murphy from Up With People joined the Rhode Show Wednesday to discuss new products and upcoming events.

Up With People, offer both one or two semester programs for participants to visit over 20 communities and at least two continents. While in different communities, participants stay with a host family for up to 7 days. They volunteer with local non-profit organizations, attend educational workshops and perform a 2-hour professional stage show for members of each community.

From August 25 to September 1, the Up With People tour will be performing in Cumberland, RI. For more information and ticket sales, click here.

With these hot and humid summer nights, Cardi’s furniture offers a new product that just might keep you from tossing and turning all night long.

Tempurpedics new Stay Cool Mattress, pairs their patented pressuring relieving material with a cooling top that takes heat away from the body.

While shopping for a mattress it is also important to shop for a pillow so the two can work together to align your neck and spine. A good nights sleep can be more easily achieved with the right products. For more information visit www.cardis.com.

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