Crate of lobsters reported stolen; police still searching for suspect

stolen lobsters

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) – Police are still searching for a suspect who may have pinched a whole crate of freshly caught lobsters from local fishermen.

Employees at the End O Main Lobster at the Wickford Town Dock in North Kingstown said a crate containing 35 lobsters was stolen from the shop. The shellfish, they said, were worth more than $350.

The restaurant-boat’s captain’s fiancee, Dawn Tucker, said the boat’s video surveillance had not recorded anything for a long period of time, so it didn’t capture images of the alleged theft.

The business said it has since fixed its cameras and added more locks to lobster crates.

Tucker said if they find out who stole the lobsters, the company would consider pressing charges.

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