Gunshots fired on Federal Hill overnight

WPRI/Marcos Valentin

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Providence police are searching for the gunman who fired several shots on Federal Hill early Thursday morning.

An officer said he was flagged down at about 1 a.m. by someone who said there were people shooting in front of Skarr Lounge.

WPRI/Marcos Valentin
WPRI/Marcos Valentin

The bouncer there told the officer that the shots were coming from Spruce and Acorn Streets.

Several other officers were dispatched to the scene. Police were still patrolling the area as late as 1 p.m. Thursday.

Police found more than twenty shell casings over a 100-foot area from Acorn Street to the area across from Skarr Lounge.

Officers also found two vehicles that were damaged by gunfire and two broken windows at 301 Atwells Avenue.

The bouncer told police that the gunman was a Hispanic male who was dressed in all black.

Investigators weren’t able to locate any suspects.

The incident is the third act of violence on Federal Hill in just a little over a week.

Last Wednesday, Johnathan Stack was fatally beaten with a two-by-four in the parking lot behind The $3 Bar on Atwells Ave. A few days later, two women were arrested after police said a 20-person brawl spilled out of the same bar and onto the street.

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