Cops: Homeless man received $10K in donations to fake charity

MANSFIELD, Mass. (WPRI) – A homeless Massachusetts man was arrested Monday and charged with fraud, after police say he accepted thousands of dollars in donations to a nonexistent veterans’ charity.

Gary Fincher, 52, had set up a donation table for an organization called “Help for Homeless vets” – an organization he told police he was representing. A Foxboro police sergeant questioned Fincher about the organization, and – after investigating – he said he discovered the charity does not exist.

When the police sergeant returned to Fincher’s table, he said Fincher attempted to flee. He was stopped on Route 140.

Police said a search of Fincher’s vehicle led police to believe Fincher had obtained more than $10,000 in donations to his false charity.

Police said Fincher told them he was homeless and that he was in the Army for 29 days back in 1980. Police said he claimed he was unable to complete basic training, and that he said he felt entitled to collect from people since he was a “homeless veteran.”

Fincher was arraigned on Tuesday on charges of larceny and misleading an investigator.

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