New study shows some poor health choices in American workers

When it comes to the well being of Americans, many are at risk of harming themselves, their career, and their wallets due to poor health choices.

Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of “The Doctors,” joined The Rhode Show on Tuesday to discuss the recent findings of the 4th annual Aflac WorkForces Report.

Dr. Stork highlighted many interesting facts found by the study.

Half of adults get diagnosed with a chronic illness in this country which poses a threat due to the fact that 69% of people dislike going to the doctors. “Don’t fear diagnosis, fear delayed diagnosis,” Dr. Stork encourages.

Poor health can affect your career as well. The CDC looked at overweight and obese employees and found that they missed 56% more work which translates to lost wages and lost productivity.

Dishearteningly, half of employees surveyed admit they need to eat healthier but they don’t. Two simple things to improve your health today would be to watch your sugar intake and sit down less during the day.

Stork told viewers to remember to be prepared. Have good insurance and understand your policy so if anything was to happen all you have to worry about is getting healthy.

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