Sheriff’s daughter pleads not guilty to interfering with police

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WPRI) –The daughter of Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson has pleaded not guilty to interfering with a police officer at a crime scene where seven people were shot over the weekend.

Michelle Hodgson, 29, was arraigned Tuesday on a charge of witness intimidation and released on personal recognizance.

Court documents revealed that on Saturday Ms. Hodgson was at the Jalice Café on Acushnet Avenue when seven people were shot outside. She was allegedly watching the police activity after the shooting when she kicked over evidence at the scene.

According to police, they tried to escort her away from the scene when she started yelling, “Don’t you touch me!” Documents stated that Ms. Hodgson was placed in handcuffs when she shouted “Do you know my father is the sheriff?!”

None of the victims’ injuries are considered life-threatening.

After her arraignment, her attorney, Scott DeMello, told Eyewitness News that Michelle did nothing wrong.

“She’s very confident that once the facts come out that she will be exonerated,” he said. “We’re not going to try it in the press, we want thing to play out, but she will be completely exonerated.”

Sherriff Hodgson reiterated DeMello’s confidence, adding that his children “don’t expect to be treated any differently than anybody else.”

“I didn’t call anybody,” Hodgson said. “I wouldn’t want my daughter to have anyone suggest that – when she is exonerated, which I’m sure she will be – that somehow there was any due influence on the part of me or anyone else.

A pretrial hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 29.

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