Victims assist police in arrest of house break suspects

HOPKINTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Two Attleboro men accused of breaking into a Hopkinton home were arrested Monday thanks to the vigilance of the victims.

Kenneth McVay, 31, and Nicholas Pendleton, 30, were taken into custody by members of the Hopkinton and Rhode Island State Police Departments.

Police said they were responding to a house alarm on Lawton Foster Road at about 2 p.m. when they received a call from the homeowner. She and a young relative came home to find an unknown vehicle pulling out of the driveway and a man running from the house carrying a pillowcase full of items.

The resident gave chase to the suspect, but he was picked up down the road by his accomplice, according to police. The woman gave police a detailed description of the vehicle and two suspects.

Police soon spotted the suspect vehicle trying to blend into traffic on I-95 North near Exit 2 and were able to pull it over without incident. Officers discovered a pillowcase filled with jewelry and money inside the car.

McVay and Pendleton were charged with larceny over $1,500, breaking and entering, and conspiracy to commit breaking and entering. McVay was additionally charged with possessing a weapon other than a firearm (switchblade), while Pendleton was charged with operating on a suspended license. They were held overnight and arraigned in court Tuesday.

The incident remains under investigation by Hopkinton and Rhode Island State Police.

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