Visually impaired children learn important skills for staying safe

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Under the warm sun of a late July morning, a group of children gathered near a tree at City Park in Warwick. They were on a field trip from Camp Insight, a non-profit group for blind and visually impaired children.

The group was also surrounded by corrections officers, volunteers, with the group COSAR, Correction Officer Search and Rescue.

“Stay still,” said Michael MaPlume which founded COSAR. “If you get lost, don’t wander around, don’t try and find your way back.”

That was LaPlume’s biggest message to the group who gathered to learn what to do if they every became lost. LaPlume explained search crews have a better chance of finding you if you stay in one place.

The group walked away with some basic skills for staying safe if they become lost including finding shelter under the branches of a tree and listening for indicators of their location like running water.

The COSAR officers also gave every child a whistle to carry with them in an emergency. They said you can blow a whistle much longer than you can scream for help.

COSAR has about 80 volunteers and the group aids state police with search and rescue efforts.

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