Prepare early to send kids back to school

It’s already that time, when the sales start and parents start writing out those lists of what to stock up on before the new year begins.

Local mom blogger, Audrey McClelland, joined The Rhode Show to help parents prepare early for the back-to-school rush.

Parent Guide: Back to school

Audrey’s shopping tips:

  1. Start clothing shopping now: A lot of sales are going on right now, especially for tees and shorts.
  2. Be the first at the super stores to stock up on supplies: Target has crayons for 50 cents right now. Many schools have the supply lists online, so you can get an idea as to what you will need.
  3. Use social media: Start pinning lunch ideas for school lunches.
  4. Start getting the kids in a bedtime routine: The summer is great for letting it slide, but make it easy on yourself in getting yourself prepped now.
  5. Don’t forget summer reading: Don’t have your kids wait till the last second to do their summer reading or prepping for school time. Start getting everything ready now.

Get even more great parenting ideas from Audrey on her blog,

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