Healing at the cellular level

For anyone suffering from common ailments, such as Lyme Disease or even something as simple as a sinus infection, there is a place that can help.

Brendan Kirby recently dropped by Advanced Cell Training in East Greenwich to learn all about their work to improve health conditions.

“We believe that the body can heal itself, from chronic disease and symptoms, if you can replace poor cellular behavior with good cellular behavior,” said founder and practitioner Gary Blier.

A simple example:

“If someone’s allergic to a peanut what they’ll do is they’ll blame the peanut,” Gary said, “They’ll say, ‘peanuts are bad’; and peanuts are not bad. But the body’s response to that peanut if it’s over reacting can cause anaphylaxis so, where their solution is: ‘Let’s avoid the peanut’, what we’re going to do is say, ‘let’s deal with the issue and try to change our cellular behavior.'”

  • Watch the attached video to learn more about how the company works.

Click on this link to learn more about Advanced Cell Training.

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