Market Basket aims to finish Attleboro location

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — As the widespread boycotts of Market Basket come to an end, one of the supermarket chain’s new locations may soon open after sitting vacant for more than a month.

According to Attleboro Building Commissioner Douglas Semple, the construction company handling the storefront at the Bristol Place Shopping Centre on Newport Avenue said Market Basket is making the location a priority and wants to finish it immediately.

The protests subsided this week after beloved CEO Arthur T. Demoulas was able to buy the company and reinstate himself.

The temporary license with the city for the store to finish repairs and train employees was set to expire, but we obtained a letter Thursday written by Semple to the construction company, offering an extension on the license.

“The temporary occupancy has been approved to allow time to complete the electrical connection for the refrigeration system and to hire and train employees,” the letter read, in part.

It’s not yet clear when the store will open its doors. Signs outside simply say “stay tuned for grand opening information.”

The recent extension indicates the grand opening may be soon, which is welcome news to residents.

“I’ll probably be coming back and doing most of my shopping here once they finally do open,” said Mike Regan of Attleboro. “Makes you feel like you’re part of it, makes you feel like you beat the suits, and that’s a good feeling.”

The new temporary occupancy extension lasts only until the end of November, but the building commissioner said there’s only a few electrical issues left to fix.

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