Local author releases nonfiction novel ‘The Marathon’

A new book written by an East Greenwich native is the story of going the distance, not only in running but in marriage, parenting, and faith.

Kerry Sheeran joined the Rhode Show on Wednesday to talk about her nonfiction novel, ‘The Marathon’.

The novel begins the morning of the 2009 Boston Marathon with Sheeran’s husband, Tom. The reader joins Tom on the famous marathon route as a letter that was stuffed into his bag reveals the family’s gripping journey.

More on The Marathon:

The Marathon is available in paperback on Amazon.com; or for download from iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Amazon Kindle (and in 8 local running and book stores.) A portion of the proceeds from The Marathon will be donated to Boston Children’s Hospital in support of prenatal and neonatal care.

Sheeran graduated with a BA in English at Villanova University before going on to a career at Money Magazine and The Wall Street Journal International.  In 2002 she married and moved to Rhode Island to begin a family. Following a misdiagnosis in utero, her child was born ten weeks early with a long list of serious health complications.  What happened next was unexpected, life changing, and the basis of her novel, The Marathon.


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