Audubon Society’s Raptor Weekend features extraordinary birds

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island is holding a great event this weekend that showcases a wide variety of extraordinary birds.

Anne Dimoni, Director of the Audubon Environmental Education Center, joined the Rhode Show on Thursday to talk more about the upcoming Raptor Weekend and brought along a great horned owl!

The Raptor Weekend will be held on September 6 & 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island Environmental Education Center located on Hope Street in Bristol. The event will include wildlife experts from across the region showing a variety of birds. Eagles, falcons, owls, and hawks will be featured in live flight demonstrations.

Activities at the event include owl pellet dissections, crafts and games for kids, raffle and refreshments. Admission is $12/adult, $6/child (children under 3 free) or two-day passes are available for $20/adult, $10/child. A one-day family four pack of tickets (2 adults and 2 children) can be purchased for $30. Visitors that bike to the event or present their RIPTA bus pass will receive $1.00 off admission price.

Fun facts about the great horned owl featured on The Rhode Show:

  • The great horned owl is the largest owl that resides permanently in Rhode Island.
  • This owl was found in Alaska in July 1996 with a gunshot would to the right wing. He has had a home at Audubon since 1997.
  • At age 18, he is the oldest of Audubon’s bird ambassadors.
  • Great horned owls are the most powerful owl in North America. Their grip easily rivals the strength of four adult men.
  • They may take prey 2 to 3 times heavier than themselves.

For more information of the Audubon Society of Rhode Island visit


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