Stability concerns force Attleboro church to close

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — An Attleboro church was temporarily shut down this week after nearby construction led to concerns over the building’s stability.

The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church rests on top of a hill next to a future strip mall. When construction got underway in early August, City Councilor Walter Thibodeau said teams were blasting through parts of the soil, and one of those blasts is believed to have caused an “avalanche” next to the church.

Thibodeau said work was immediately stopped at the site, and the church was forced to close for a week to make sure it was stable.

“There is a problem that has to be corrected by the developer, by the blasting company that guarantees their work, and by the insurance company,” he said. “They both have to work together and come up with a viable solution so that the people that are attending church up above don’t have to worry about being in service and worry about the church sliding down the hill as well.”

The church is back open after the surrounding walls were fenced off.

A spokesperson for the developer said engineers are now working on a solution, and that the church is not in any danger. Thibodeau also said work on the strip mall will not resume until a permanent solution is in place.

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