3-D RV tour showcases technological advances

We’ve all seen 3-D movies and marveled at how the 3-D technology can bring a story to life.

Now, there are many new and amazing advances in this fascinating field that can help even the average American in many areas of their lives.

TJ McCue and Pete Kelsey joined the Rhode Show on Friday to talk more about this 3-D technology. TJ is an enthusiastic expert who is driving across the country in the ‘3-D RV’ to educate people about the many practical ways 3-D technology can improve our lives and help drive the economy.

More about TJ McCue:

TJ is an entrepreneur at heart. He has started several companies and is passionate about the people who create, design, and invent. His goal in the 3DRV tour is to get a pulse on how the future of making things is changing by seeking out inspired, creative individuals and companies across America. Through these encounters he hopes to discover the future of industry.

TJ writes for Forbes, Small Business Trends, Yahoo! SMB, andHarvard Business Review. His company, Refine Digital, is a marketing lab and think tank that explores the way 3D printing, scanning and design is changing the economy.

More about Pete Kelsey:

Pete is a media-friendly technologist with over 20 years of experience combining measurement, modeling, visualization, simulation and analysis technologies into creative solutions and then communicating those solutions to a broad audience. In his career Pete has created a global technical services company, served as a Worldwide Technical Evangelist and then Technical Account Manager for Autodesk, Inc. helping customers integrate Autodesk solutions into their complex workflows. In 2014 Pete became a Strategic Projects Executive focusing on integrating Autodesk solutions into large customer projects.


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