Children’s sunglasses recalled for excessive lead content

HARTFORD (WPRI) — Thousands of children’s sunglasses sold at convenience stores across the country are being recalled after they were found to contain unsafe levels of lead.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said about 215,000 pairs of the sunglasses were sold nationwide at CVS, K-Mart, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and other retail stores starting in December of 2013.

The sunglasses sold for between $7 and $13, offered a variety of colors, and included printed images of Disney and Marvel characters on the frames.

Paint on the sunglasses contains excessive amounts of lead, which is prohibited under federal law, according to the CPSC. Consumers should immediately take the sunglasses away from children and return them to the importer, Smithfield-based FGX International, for a free replacement or refund.

There have been no reports of any incidents or injuries involving the sunglasses thus far.

The following brands and style numbers are included in the recall, which can be found inside the left arm of the sunglasses:

  • Marvel Spider-Man, Red, Blue: S00014SVS999
  • Marvel Spider-Man, Blue: S00014SVSBLU
  • Marvel Spider-Man, Red: S00014SVSRED
  • SK2 Sears /Kmart Private Label, Blue: S00021LKC999
  • Marvel Spider-Man, Red/Black, Silver/Blue: S00021SVS999
  • Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Red/White, Silver/Black: S01551SDB999
  • Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Blue: S02964SJN440
  • Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Blue: S02964SJN999
  • Disney Cars, Blue, Black, Red: S03683SDC999
  • Disney Cars, Red/Black: S04611SDC001
  • Disney Cars, Red/Silver: S04611SDC080
  • Disney Cars, Blue/Teal/Yellow: S04611SDC400
  • Disney Cars, Blue/Teal/Yellow, Red/Black, Red/Silver: S04611SDC999
  • Disney Doc McStuffins, Purple/Pink: S07786SMS500
  • Disney Doc McStuffins, Pink/Blue: S07786SMS650
  • Disney Doc McStuffins, Purple/Pink, Pink/Blue: S07786SMS999
  • Disney Cars, Red/Black: S07840SDC999
  • Disney Cars, Black/Silver: S07841SDC001
  • Disney Cars, Blue/Red: S07841SDC440
  • Disney Cars, Blue/Red, Black/Silver, Black/Red: S07841SDC999

For more information contact FGX International at (877) 277-0104 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or visit and click on “recall.”

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