Voters should check polling site before primary

(AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis recommends voters check their polling location before Tuesday’s primary election.

Some polling sites from two years ago could be changed for this primary election, Mollis said. Most of the changes happened in Providence.

“For the most part, all the polling places in 2014 are the same as they were in 2012, but there have been some changes by the Board of Elections,” Mollis said. “I know they had a couple of concerns in 2012 where there were too many voters in one polling place, so they divided it up, which is a great idea. So there have been a handful of changes, not a lot.”

VOTERS GUIDE: Everything you need to know before heading to the polls Read More >>
VOTERS GUIDE: Everything you need to know before heading to the polls Read More >>

Local board of canvassers sent letters to all voters with polling location changes. However, voters should double check the Secretary of State website before Tuesday’s primary.

“We have a great voter information center,” Mollis said. “They [voters] can put in their name and information. Not only will it show where to vote and directions, they can download a copy of the ballot, find what they’re voting for. Just makes it a lot easier.”

Voters can also download the Secretary of State’s app, which was released a few weeks ago. The app, called “RI VIC,” can be downloaded at the Apple or Google online store.

“So either right from the palm of our hands or from our website, you can have everything you need to know for primary day,” Mollis said. “The most important message I want to get out is not only to bring your ID, but if you forget, know that no one can turn you away.”

Voters without ID may still vote with a provisional ballot on Tuesday.


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