Young animal lover serves sweet tonic

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Just in time for the end of your summer, we offer you a glass of lemonade, served by a young Rhode Islander with a very grown up goal for her profits.

With this weather, our lemonade entrepreneur’s timing couldn’t be better.

“We have lemon and pink,” Megan Mederion says from her balloon decorated stand on Post Road.

You know it’s a sizzler when you avoid coins.

“It’s hot,” she tells her mother. “Feel that.”

Moments later he mother’s “ouch” is punctuated with Megan’s giggle. Luckily most paid with bills and even over-paid the four bit price tag.

“Just get a lemonade,” one thirsty customer says. “Keep the change.”

Megan, who’s entering the fifth grade, is the CEO, and also in charge of advertising.

“Are you going toward the highway?” she asks her mom. “So, you can get someone to notice the sign?”

She then waves her sign at the traffic and soon gets some results.

“I saw you on Facebook,” another customer says. “We’re friends with your mom.”

When she’s not running the hottest, newest, although temporary, business on Post Road, Megan is an animal lover.

“Give Molly kisses. Give Molly kisses,” she tells one of her pups.

Molly and fellow pooch Dana, who gets a biscuit after Molly gets a smooch, are her main benefactors, but this wise beyond her years 10 year old realizes not all dogs and cats get kisses and bisquits.

“And there’s a dog named April. And she’s been there for a very long time, now.,” she says.

April is one of the pets up for adoption at the Warwick Animal Shelter.  As you’ve probably guessed by now, Megan was not selling lemonade in the red hot sun for herself. Shelter Director Ann Corvin says Megan sets a great example for other young animal lovers.

We really, really love the fact when the next generation gets involved. Especially at a young age with raising funds for the shelter,” Corvin says.
“It’s really important because they are the next ones who will be dealing with animals in our society.”

She raised 150 dollars for the animal shelter, but left a million dollar impression.

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