Ammunition, marijuana seized in Westport school zone

WESTPORT, Mass. (WPRI) — Police raided a Westport home in search of art stolen from a town restaurant, and wound up finding drugs, a stun gun, and a large amount of rifle ammunition.

Dwayne and Stephanie Hart, ages 51 and 48, respectively, were arrested Tuesday after police executed a search warrant at their Old County Road home, located across the street from Westport Middle School.

Officers seized two pounds of marijuana packaged for distribution, digital scales, 30mg and 5mg Oxycodone pills, a stun gun, and 19 large-capacity feeding devices for various rifles. Police said each pound of marijuana is valued at approximately $1,500.

Evidence seized from a home on Old County Road in Westport. (Photo courtesy of Westport Police)
Evidence seized from a home on Old County Road in Westport. (Photo courtesy of Westport Police)

Investigators were led to the home while investigating a break-in at Marguerite’s Restaurant on August 15, in which 11 Sailor’s Valentines valued at more than $15,000 were stolen.

Police said they found three rifle magazines stamped “Law Enforcement Restricted,” while most of the other magazines were 7.62 caliber, including numerous 100-round capacity, 75-round capacity, 50-round capacity and 30-round capacity.

The two suspects both have firearms licenses, but were not licensed to possess large-capacity magazines.

The couple was charged with possession of a large-capacity feeding device, possession with intent to distribute marijuana in a school zone, possession of a Class B substance without a prescription, and possession of a stun gun. They were released on $500 bail pending their arraignments, which are scheduled for Wednesday.

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