Councilman accuses mayor of threatening him with gun

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) – Two local lawmakers are both making serious accusations after a private meeting was held last month.

During the late-night meeting, Councilman Jasiel Correia claims Mayor Will Flanagan displayed a firearm in an attempt to intimidate him.

Mayor Flanagan told Eyewitness News he met with Correia late that evening where the two discussed why Correia signed a recall petition. At one point, there were two other men in the car with the mayor and council member.

“He asked me, ‘Mayor, do you have a firearm?’ I said yes I do. He said ‘Do you have it on you now?’ I said yes I do, and I showed it to him on my hip,” Flanagan said.

The mayor claims Correia was asking because he was thinking of getting one to protect himself and his family. But, Correia said a man in the backseat stated ‘It’s dangerous out there’ and Mayor Flanagan allegedly put his gun on the dashboard.

“He threatened me because he is very upset with the recall petition, there’s no doubt about it and we’ll see what happens. No city official, no one that is a representative of the people elected by the people in any community should use the tactics he used, no doubt about it,” Correria said.

Mayor Flanagan said he’s taken back by the allegations that have been made against him.

“I’m appalled and I’m saddened,” he told Eyewitness News.

At this point, Correia has not pressed charges.


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