Man dies after being struck by car, dragged

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Officials at Rhode Island Hospital confirm a man struck by a car in Providence in late August has died as a result of his injuries.

Stephen Louden, 54, was hit in the parking lot of 331 Douglas Ave. and dragged into the middle of Pumgansett Avenue, city police said last week.

Louden’s family and friends said he was a “shirt off his back” kind of guy with a huge heart, and that he’ll be greatly missed.

“Nicest guy you’ll ever meet in your life. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Louden’s close friend, Robert Pimental.

Police said the ex-boyfriend of a nearby resident hit Louden with his van, dragged him about 25 yards, then took off. Pimental then rushed to help his friend.

“He was laying out in the street over there. Just a mess. I thought he was dead then,” he recalled.

Louden kept clinging to life, but his brother said he never woke up on Thursday.

“His body just couldn’t take it, too much trauma,” Pimental told us. “It was terrible, just terrible. I didn’t know how to act.”

Louden was a local welder and helped build ships. Funeral arrangements are now in the works.

An eyewitness identified the driver of the car as Marco Antonio Cepeda, 55, who goes by “Chino.” Following Louden’s death, the charge against him was upgraded to leaving the scene of an accident, death resulting.

Cepeda’s bail was revoked, and police expect he’ll be arraigned next week.

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