Error message causing frustration for Android users

SEEKONK, Mass. (WPRI) — Hundreds of Samsung smartphone owners have been growing frustrated because an error message on their Android keeps them from being able to make a call, take a call, or text.

A Seekonk man who travels overseas and depends on his smartphone said he couldn’t use the device because of the error – so he called 12 for action.

Marcel Da Silva said he spent hours on the phone and online trying to get someone at Samsung to listen to him. He recently paid close to $600 for a new Samsung Galaxy S5, but within weeks of owning it he was met with “unfortunately, the phone has stopped.” This rendered the phone useless.

“It gives you the option to click OK and it goes away, but it’s like a second – you click OK and it comes back. In other words, it doesn’t allow you to make a call, message, text message, or go online,” he explained.

Da Silva said this happened to him ten times. Even though his phone was still under warranty, Samsung turned down his request for a new one.

Call 12 for Action contacted Samsung and in less than 24 hours got a call back from a representative, who said a new phone would be shipped the next day.

Samsung said they don’t know the exact issue with Da Silva’s phone, but they’re aware of other customers who have gotten the same error message. The company said they found customers who downloaded unauthorized software may be inadvertently causing their phones to go into that error mode, or customers who use a SIM card from another carrier can also get that same error message.

Samsung released a statement, saying:

“The customer you referenced was interested in using a SIM card from another carrier on his/her device, ie. Using a T-Mobile SIM card on an AT&T device. If a customer is interested in using an alternative SIM card, this practice is known as SIM unlocking, and this process is handled by the carrier. Any customer who may be interested in SIM unlocking a phone should contact their carrier BEFORE they make a purchase if possible, and definitely contact the carrier for more information before they attempt any unauthorized procedures to unlock the phone.

When our support encounters an error like the one your customer presented, this is commonly caused by a customer loading unauthorized software, such as a custom ROM (or custom system software not created by Samsung or the carrier). I cannot be sure this is the case in this current situation, as we have not had a chance to investigate this device.”

Da Silva’s new phone arrived in the mail the following day as promised, and so far no error message has appeared.

Samsung said if customers don’t contact their carrier before attempting an unauthorized procedure, it could void their warranty.

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