Report: Blackstone woman hid younger kids from her family

PHOTOS: Images from inside the home taken during a drug bust in August View gallery >>

BLACKSTONE, Mass. (WPRI) — Court documents released Monday shed some light on a Blackstone home where the remains of three infants were found amid wretched conditions.

Erika Murray, 31, is in a prison unit for women who could pose a danger to themselves following her arrest last Thursday. She was taken into custody after police made the gruesome discovery inside her home on St. Paul Street.

According to Uxbridge County court documents obtained by Eyewitness News, four children were removed from the residence in late August after police were called there by a neighbor.

“On arrival, I was met by the reporting party, who stated that she was called by her son, who is friends with the male subject that lives at the address, and he asked her to come over because they could not get the babies to stop crying,” said one officer in the report.

The responding officer said he called for backup after noticing the condition of the children, saying they were covered in soiled diapers and feces.

“I could smell an extremely strong odor of human feces, inside the room were dirty diapers and piles of trash,” another officer reported.

The neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said she confronted Murray after seeing she had left the young children alone inside the house.

PHOTOS: Images from inside the home taken during a drug bust in August View gallery >>
PHOTOS: Images from court documents taken inside the home by police View gallery >>

“I went into one room first and I found the smallest baby. She was laying in the middle of the bed completely covered in feces, feces all on the wall, I was walking on dirty diapers to get to her.

“I was upset, I was crying, and I said to her ‘what are you doing?’ Just really upset, right up next to her, and she kind of laughed it off and shrugged her shoulders and said ‘I don’t know.’

“I said ‘I want to know if you knew those babies were in that house before you left this morning. I want you to say it to me that you knew those babies were in there.’

“And she’s like, ‘I knew they were in there’.”

Murray’s four children were taken in by the Department of Children and Families. According to the court documents, “she stated all children were hers, but she has not told anyone in her family, including the two older children, that the younger children are hers. She stated it was because she wasn’t planning on having these two younger children and knew she couldn’t afford to have them.”

Crews have been working feverishly to get the home cleaned up, and have so far removed more than 20 decontamination boxes from inside. Blackstone Board of Health Chairman Bill Walsh said it was the worst he’s ever seen in his career.

The court documents also revealed that her boyfriend, 37-year-old Raymond Rivera, was living at the house. Police said they discovered marijuana growing in the basement and filed a criminal complaint against Rivera.

Murray is facing numerous charges, including fetal death concealment. Rivera has not been charged in connection with the infant remains.

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